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Character Name Account Name
Saint Outis. Aseptic Pray
Maria Courtenay Your drink, ma`am
Genovalio de Rossa Nazey
Morgan Vaughn Loops
Annie Ashe Archfriend
Shan Ronelsin Glitt Aple Ale
Erythyn Holimion The Traveler
Grace d`Ottaviani Seraphic Provenance
Grigor Guranov all my friends are red
Angvald Khauzat-Gaur Grix
Azyire Dapuello Storm`s Coming
Frederik Jaegarsson TheShadow
Sean Gorick Jabroni
Muriel Llywelyn gallows hill
Maxwell Artfall Maxwell Artfall
Cedric Fulmar blue41
Cole Wakefield Wakefield
Adhiratha Sovalye Dragon Knight
Syris`Siya Syris`Siya
Mathias Cradwell DYBIL
Magor Laughingskull Drink With Me
Coriander Penrose spice mage
Camile Fairbrace Easy To Remember
Vizirak Baln Shrouded Wanderer
Carlie Sinclaire ClickKilled
Perogo Tealeaf Felthorn

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